Ronda Rousey says being a WWE wrestler is more challenging than shooting movies.

The 31-year-old former mixed martial arts star - who appears alongside Mark Wahlberg in the new action movie 'Mile 22' - has admitted that performing in front of a live audience in an arena, where there are so many more variables, is much tougher than working on a movie set.

Ronda - who joined the WWE earlier this year - said: ''It's very different in that you only get one shot. Everything is live so people aren't going to reset the shot for every scene, so you need to be very aware of where the cameras are at all times to make sure they're catching what's going on.''

Ronda explained that there's much more to consider as a wrestler, who only gets one opportunity to get things right.

She told WSVN-TV's Chris Van Vliet: ''If you're acting in a movie you're just going to do exactly what you need to do and you're just in it with the character.

''But with WWE, you have to think about 'Okay, I have to take a moment because this happened, I need to register in my face that this happened, I have to wait a few minutes because I'm facing this way and it's going to take them three seconds to come around to this side and have this person cue me,' or whatever, stuff like that. So being very aware of that.

''Also, memorising dialogue very last minute. Because you show up, you don't know what's going on, and they're like 'here's two pages of dialogue. Don't screw it up, and there's going to be a live audience trying to actively make you screw up. Go!'''