Rosamund Pike thinks she's in an enviable position as an actress.

The 39-year-old star has reached a point in her career whereby she's able to pick and choose her roles, and Rosamund has insisted she doesn't take the privilege for granted.

She shared: ''I'm in a very unusual position and one that I do not take for granted, whereby I have some very interesting opportunities. I'm looking for things that are inspiring, provocative, that make me think. I've been learning a huge amount.''

In her latest on-screen role, Rosamund appears alongside Daniel Bruhl in 'Entebbe', a thriller film that tells the story of a counter-terrorist hostage-rescue operation.

The London-born actress holds heated political debates in German with her co-star in the movie, but she's admitted she doesn't have much of a grasp of the language in real life.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Rosamund - who has previously starred in hits such as 'Die Another Day' and 'Gone Girl' - explained: ''I don't have a command of the language at all, so it's just so funny that the only things I can say in German are these very in-depth political statements in the discussions we have.

''Daniel Bruhl is an actor I've admired for a long time, and to be playing a scene in German with him, going with full intensity back and forth, with me in command of this subtle dialogue, was just so cool. In reality I can't even ask the way to the bus station in German.''