Rosamund Pike was allegedly asked to stand in her ''underwear'' during her audition for 'Die Another Day'.

The 39-year-old actress was just 21 when she landed the role of Miranda Frost in the 2002 James Bond movie, but has claimed her audition left her feeling uncomfortable when she was asked to ''drop [her] dress'' - which she refused to do.

She said: ''My first audition was for a Bond film and I remember them saying I was to drop my dress and appear in my underwear.

''On the day, I don't know how I got the resolve and strength of mind, but I just thought if they're gonna see me in my underwear, they better give me the job. So, I thought, 'There's no way I'm going to take off a dress in the audition for this tape to be sent around Los Angeles and to be judged on that.'''

Although Rosamund refused to do as she was asked, she did concede to changing out of the dress she had worn to the audition - which her grandmother had given to her - and into something the costume designer had picked out for her.

She added: ''He said, 'That's a very beautiful dress, but in Bond films we wear things a little more like this,' and he held up three pieces of string and I realised I was way out of my depth. So, I put on this shimmering sheath, or whatever the order of the day was, but I didn't drop it.''

Despite the actress' uncomfortable audition, she insists she was never made to feel objectified whilst on set for the movie.

Speaking during Amazon's Audible Sessions, the 'Gone Girl' star said: ''There wasn't an ounce of feeling uncomfortable while I was on that set. I look back over my experience on the Bond film and think, my goodness [producer] Barbara Broccoli was way ahead of all this #MeToo movement.''