Rosamund Pike ''inherited Marie Colvin's body and spirit'' in new movie 'A Private War'.

The 39-year-old actress plays the lead role in the drama - based on the life of celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin - and war photographer Paul Conroy, who worked with Colvin for many years, has praised the actress for her portrayal.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ''Every step, look and gesture she made brought back, in cascading waves of familiarity, the Marie I had known and shared battlefields and bars with over the years.

''Still reeling from the shock of the physical transformation of Rosamund, I was handed a pair of headphones by a producer and stood, transfixed, in front of a monitor and prepared to watch the dialogue scene. What happened next will stay with me forever. Rosamund was gone, transformed into someone I had known and loved for many years and my reaction was intensely physical, the hairs on my arms and neck rose, the tears welled in my eyes. Every note in her gravelly voice, the cadence, the rhythm of her American drawl, brought Marie back to me in ways too intangible for mere words to describe.

''Rosamund inherited Marie's body and spirit, catching her ever so human traits of frailty and self-doubt, her ruthless determination to bear witness and act as a conduit for the voiceless, to a world often unprepared to listen.''

Paul - who spent time on the set of the Matthew Heineman-directed movie - also praised Jamie Dornan for his ''wonderful'' portrayal of him.

He said: ''Over the next two months of shooting Rosamund, and actor Jamie Dornan, who played my character (wonderfully I must add), offered me snapshots of our lives from a perspective rarely granted to many.''