Rosamund Pike wants to be a ''touchstone'' for younger women on set.

The 39-year-old actress used to feel like an ''imposter'' in the early days of her career and thinks it's important to remember how she felt back then so she doesn't assume her less experienced co-stars are as confident as they appear.

Asked how the #MeToo movement has affected her, she said: ''What I'm most conscious of is making sure I'm a touchstone for younger women on set.

''Sometimes - especially as a girl, I think - you can seem a lot more together than you feel.

''It's important for me now to look at these young women who appear really sure of themselves and remember that they're probably not. When I was 21 and doing a Bond film ['Die Another Day' in 2002], I looked calm and confident but I didn't feel it. I always felt wrong, that somehow I was an imposter.''

The 'A Private War' actress doesn't like thinking or speaking about money but she thinks the recent changes in Hollywood have brought more parity between men and women and she thinks high-paid females should ''embrace'' their status.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''I was just thinking about Christiane Amanpour cited everywhere she went as being the highest paid woman in TV.

''At one time, a woman might have felt embarrassed about that, but I think now they should embrace it, 'F***ing yes, I am the highest paid woman.'

''Contractually, there is more parity between men and women now ? agents have woken up to that...

''I haven't drawn up any contracts since Time's Up. I might do some digging, now we're talking about it. I've never found it very easy to talk about money, that's just the way I was brought up. I've always felt lucky to be working at what I love doing.... don't print that, nobody will pay me again! For a woman to say, what am I worth? I think it's better to say, what is my time worth? That's the way we should rephrase it.''