Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette has accepted undisclosed damages from the News of the World after it incorrectly reported she was a former drug addict.

The tabloid claimed in a November article about her reported relationship with Sir Paul McCartney that she had a drug problem.

Arquette, who starred in Pulp Fiction and Desperately Seeking Susan, said the "upsetting and untrue" allegation had causer her "a lot of distress"

"I felt it was something I had to take action about and I feel so much better now that the true position has been made clear," she explained.

The 48-year-old has already revealed the damages she received from the News of the World will be donated to Los Angeles Children's hospital.

The News of the World published a full apology yesterday.

"We are happy to clarify the situation and apologise to Ms Arquette," the apology read.

"In fact, her only involvement with drugs was when she experimented with marijuana when she was a teenager some 30 years ago."

03/03/2008 18:06:43