Actress-turned-director Rosanna Arquette has given her support to the Hollywood writers' strike - despite the ongoing struggle halting production on her new movie GOD IS MY CO-PILOT. The Desperately Seeking Susan star experienced first-hand the effects of the ongoing strike after she was prevented from working with a screenwriter on the film script due to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) action. But Arquette isn't bitter about the protests. She says, "The strike affects us all in Hollywood. I am trying to direct my first film and I want Laura Dern as my lead. It is a difficult situation. In fact, it is going to be a revolution. "Creative people who have the ideas are right to want more than the measly amount of money they get now." Members of the WGA have been staging walk-outs since 5 November (07) after talks between the union and studio representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties.