Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has praised Jason Statham as her ''biggest cheerleader''.

The 31-year-old model-and-actress - who has son Jack, 19 months, with her 51-year-old fiance - feels ''lucky'' that the 'Meg' actor is so ''supportive'' of her career and also passionate about his own work because it means he understands her commitments.

She told Australia's Elle magazine: ''I just feel lucky that I'm with somebody who is equally as passionate about his own career as he is about mine and he's really supportive of everything I do

''There have been times [with previous partners] where it's been like, 'Oh, you're going to work again?' Or, 'Oh, are you going to be shooting in a bikini again?'

''When you're a career-driven person, it works best when your partner is equally as excited for you and supportive. And that's what Jason is. He's my biggest cheerleader and I'm his.''

But one of the reasons why Rosie founded her online beauty forum, Rose Inc., was so she could spend more time with her family and not be ''on a plane every second week'', and both she and Jason always discuss how their work will impact on their home life.

She said: ''I needed to be with my family. And it's the same with Jason; there's a lot more communication about where we're going to be and how we're going to make things work. Both of us can't just take off like we have in the past.''

The 'Transformers' star insists she and the 'Crank' actor lead a very ''normal'' life together and don't worry about being in the spotlight.

She said:

''We just kind of get on with things. We're pretty normal - we're not leaving restaurants separately. People want to live on camera 24/7 but that's not us.''