Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always uses an eye-lash curler ''before applying'' her mascara.

The 32-year-old model - who has 23-month-old son Jack with fiancé Jason Statham - has opened up about her go-to make-up look when she wants to give her face a pop of colour, and the star has revealed that she will either opt for a bold lip or dramatic eye, but will never do both at the same time, and insisted that her lashes are the key to transforming any look.

She said: ''It adds a little pop of colour in my daytime. One of the rules I always follow is I'll choose between working on an eye or a lip - in this case I've done a bold lip, and a subtle wash of colour over the eye to keep things balanced and looking natural.

''Next is mascara, I'm going to take my eyelash curlers, I never apply mascara without curving my lashes before. This is key in keeping me lashes open, curved and defined.''

And Rosie loves to learn new tricks from make-up artists when she is on set for a shoot, and the star admitted that she uses a cotton bud to apply an iridescent eye-shadow in the corner of her eye.

She added: ''Take a cotton bud, or a Q-tip and apply a little bit of the eyeshadow right into the tear duct... This is such a great tip I've picked up from makeup artists over the years, and it really is a very simple and effective way of brightening the eye.''

The striking blonde also insisted that she always uses her lipstick as a blusher to ''tie'' her look together.

Speaking in a tutorial for British Vogue, she said: ''Applying a little bit of lipstick as blusher is a great way of tying all of the colour in across your face in a cohesive way. And it's also a really good tip for getting a multi-use out of your products.''