Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has learned to live in Los Angeles despite feeling homesick.

The 32-year-old British model relocated to California in 2011 and though the blonde beauty - who has 23-month-old son Jack with fiancé Jason Statham - goes through ''moments'' of wanting to return to the UK, she's content with where she is in her life.

She told Harper's Bazaar: ''I go through moments of feeling that I want to be back in London but right now I am really happy here. Being homesick is something I've learnt to live with.

''When I first arrived, I was like, 'Am I going to act? Am I still modelling?' That took a couple of years to figure out. I would have periods when I wasn't working - that's the life of a model - and would find myself a little bit lost.

''But since becoming a mum, I've felt so much more confident within my own skin and much more confident about who I am. It's been life-changing.''

The 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' star launched digital beauty forum Rose Inc. a year ago and she admitted she was happy to create her own opportunity, especially as she had an idea to bring women together.

She explained: ''It feels like my whole career led me to this point. I've never felt comfortable just waiting for the phone to ring - because there have been times when it didn't.

''So I wanted to build something, instead of sitting back and being submissive. My mum always used to say, 'Life's not going to hand it to you on a plate, Rosie. Go out there and grab it.'

''I want this to be a platform to open up dialogue that feels two-way. It's not like me sharing something on Instagram and then leaving.

''I didn't call it after myself because I want it to be bigger than me - it's a way to connect women.''