ROSIE O'DONNELL found it ''really trippy'' holding her granddaughter for the first time.

The 56-year-old actress flew straight to Wisconsin in December when her daughter Chelsea - who she adopted as a baby with ex-wife Kelli Carpenter - went into labour with her first child and though she missed the birth of Skylar Rose by just an hour, she enjoyed a special bonding moment with the newborn when she got to cradle her in her arms.

She said: ''She called me from Wisconsin -- Chels, my daughter, lives there with her partner Jake -- and she called and said, 'I'm in labour.'

''I got on a plane and I missed the birth by, like an hour. But she's happy.''

''[Holding Skylar] was really trippy, I have to say.

''She has a full head of black hair, like full. You can do styles with her hair, you know?''

The 'SMILF' star has taken great delight in seeing Chelsea - who she reconciled with last June following a long period of estrangement - settling down into her own family unit with boyfriend Jacob Bourassa and their daughter.

Speaking on 'Today', she said: ''[It's been great] to see my daughter so happy and so content, and this guy who loves her so much, loving that baby.

''I think a lot of adopted kids feel, until they have their own child, they don't have that unit, to look at someone who looks like them, to see genetically that they have their own kind of history. So it was really a very beautiful thing.''

As well as Chelsea, Rosie also has Parker, 23, Blake, 19, and Vivienne, 16, with Kelli, and six-year-old Dakota with late second ex-wife Michelle Rounds.