The Feel the Love musicians have been trekking across the world over the past year and have been feeling homesick due to the constant travel and hotel stays.

Member Piers Agget, 28, explained that what grates in particular is the fact he can't play soccer with his friends and he misses his family when away.

"We have toured the world this year and been living out of suitcases," Piers tells London's Evening Standard newspaper. "It takes its toll after a while. You become disconnected from reality.

"You never get the chance to wash your own clothes, cook for yourself. Or do simple things. You miss your family. There are all sorts of things people don't see. I miss playing football (soccer) on a Sunday morning with mates and venting that frustration on a striker."

Bandmate Leon Rolle, 29, adds that what while he loves being a music star and going on tour, he particularly misses having a drink with friends in a traditional British pub.

"It is hard, but then so is being a plumber and working in Tesco. We love every minute of it. I miss the simple things too," he explains. "The things you take for granted like having a drink in the pub with mates. But you know, it's worth it."

The group, who helped Ed Sheeran write his 2014 hit Bloodstream, are currently on the European leg of their tour, but return to their native U.K. at the end of August (16) for gigs in London and Newcastle before jetting off to Asia.