Singer Rufus Wainwright put the heartache he suffered during his late mother KATE MCGARRIGLE's cancer fight to good use - it inspired his new album.
Folk singer MCGarrigle was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease back in 2006 and lost her health battle in January (10), at the age of 64.
Her death hit Wainwright hard, but he admits his latest album, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu, was inspired by his beloved mother's brave fight for life.
He tells BBC's 6 Music, "What was going on inside (during the album's creation) was just so tumultuous and so hairy that it just came out (in the music) whether I liked it or not. Especially dealing with my mother's health at the time.
"She's since passed away but at the time I was writing this she was really up and down. She had incredible moments of vitality matched with equally depressing times. I had to do this kind of work."
Wainwright also reveals he's listened to his mother's extensive back catalogue to help him cope with his loss: "(I've been) diving into her material and realising how unique and powerful and effective the MCGarrigle sisters were in both their songs and their recordings."