Rufus Wainwright rushed work on his opera debut to make sure his late mother KATE MCGARRIGLE saw the show before she died.
The musician composed Prima Donna himself and the stage production opened in Manchester, England last year (09).
Wainwright admits he worked extra hard to complete the show, as he feared his beloved mum would lose her cancer battle before opening night.
The curtain went up in July 2009 and the singer was proud to have his mother in the audience - and he is grateful she was able to see his opera ahead of her death in January (10).
He says, "I had to get my opera finished quickly as I wanted my mother to see it. She had a really up-and-down story with the illness, but she was able to fly from Montreal to Manchester for the premiere. That was the biggest event of my life. We went to four or five performances together. She was impressed. Typically, she threw in her two cents' worth of criticism, too."