Rupert Grint doesn't think he'd make a very good Disney prince.

The 'Harry Potter' star is excited to see his co-star Emma Watson play Disney princess Belle in the live adaption of 'Beauty And The Beast' but won't be following in her footsteps anytime soon.

He said: ''I don't know if I would really fit into that world. But yeah, I bet it's fun. I don't think I could do it [the training].

''But yeah, it [Beauty and the Beast] is amazing. I haven't seen it yet, I'm looking forward to seeing it.''

In fact, the 28-year-old actor prefers the short term commitment of a TV series.

He added to USA Today: ''That's always appealed to me, the kind of short-term little interesting characters.

''TV's a really exciting thing to be doing - it's so much fun, and in film, you don't really have the opportunity to develop a character over a long period of time and with a series, you can really carve out something quite interesting.''

Meanwhile, Emma previously revealed she relates to Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' because she ''breaks the mould''.

She said: ''I think she was meant to be a departure from the Disney princesses that had come before her. She's actually loosely based on Katherine Hepburn, she was written by a woman called Linda Woolverton. She was meant to break the mould so I felt very connected to her. Actually, Belle isn't a princess. She's the only Disney princess who actually isn't a princess.

''She's trying to move beyond the expectations that people have for her. I think everyone thinks that marrying Gaston would be the most wonderful happy ending possible, and she wants more for herself. She's going against the grain and against the status quo and that's not easy to do.''