Russell Brand wants men to ''communicate more openly'' about mental health issues.

The 43-year-old comedian wants more men to speak out about their emotional state and trust that they will be ''received warmly and lovingly'' by those around them as opposed to be ridiculed.

Speaking in a Twitter video, he said: ''Men have got to learn to communicate more openly about mental health issues. Not me, I do nothing but communicate about mental health issues you'd probably like it if I communicate less about mental health issues. But more broadly and in general men have to be more open about their emotional state and trust they will be received warmly and lovingly.''

The actor went on to explain that he belongs to a men's group where the openness is ''unbelievable'' and urged male fans to join as in an ''exclusively male environment'' is ''very helpful''.

He explained: ''I belong to a men's group, I mean it's unbelievable, the openness. Men in exclusively male environment when encouraged to talk will be very, very open. Curiously there's less competition, less posturing I don't know what the causes for this are but I do know that for men being mentored by other men being in environments around other men is very, very helpful.''

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star went on to explain that acknowledging feelings of ''inadequacy'' and being ''inferior'' is an important step in becoming an ally to other people.

Russell - who has two daughters, Mabel, two, and seven-month-old Peggy, with his wife Laura - said: ''I feel that we need to trust that any feeling we have of inadequacy of our bodies not being good enough of us being inferior of us not being able to fulfil our role as men, of even knowing what it is to be a man.

''We need to be able to ask those questions so that we can become better allies to other men and to women and other people.''