Russell Crowe cancelled a TV interview at the last second after hearing a ''biased'' introduction.

The 'Loudest Voice' - who plays Roger Ailes in the Showtime drama about the controversial late Fox News founder - was due to appear alongside castmates Seth Macfarlane, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Annabelle Wallis to promote the series, but he was worried 'Build' presenter Ricky Camilleri wasn't going to be balanced.

Despite claims of a ''meltdown'', Russell's reps told Page Six: ''Russell did not 'freak out', and there was no 'curse-filled tirade'. He simply made the decision not to do the interview following the host's intro.''

While his spokesperson added that the 55-year-old actor ''graciously accepted'' an apology from the show, a rep for 'Build' insisted there was ''no animosity''.

They added to Entertainment Tonight: ''Our experience with Russell at our studio was completely fine. There was no 'meltdown'. No animosity whatsoever. He simply chose not to go on stage fearing we had a bias. That is really the end of it.''

The rest of the cast were left to answer the questions on air after Russell chose not to appear after Ricky's opening, which referred to sexual harassment allegations denied by Ailes before his death in 2017.

The host said: ''In 1996, a mental poison was released in this country: Fox News. Its creator and CEO, Roger Ailes, used tabloid-style coverage, outrageous right-wing opinion hosts, xenophobia, and a stead-fast belief in the lowest common denominator to shepherd the news company into becoming the most successful in the country.''

Describing the former CEO as a bully, he added: ''Ailes was a sick person and the new Showtime series 'The Loudest Voice' does not shy away from that.''