Russell Crowe has a scar on his right forearm from sword fighting in 'Gladiator'.

The 53-year-old actor won an Academy Award for his starring role in the Sir Ridley Scott-directed drama, and it's just as well as he has been left with a lifetime reminder of his deadly arena battle as Maximus against Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).

Alongside a photo of the white scar on his hairy arm, Crowe wrote: ''Strange little scars #2 Sword strike from Gladiator. Right forearm. Didn't notice it at the time, was a busy day with lots to get done, but there it is , 19 years after we made the film ... [sic]''

The 'Robin Hood' star recently announced he's set to auction off over 200 personal items in a new lot entitled 'The Art of Divorce'.

The lot will include dinosaur skulls and a chariot from 'Gladiator'.

Crowe is determined to ''move forward into fresh air'' following his split from estranged wife Danielle Spencer in 2012, and has announced he will be hosting the auction of 227 personal artefacts in order to help him put their nine-year marriage behind him.

Crowe - who has sons Tennyson and Charles with Danielle - said in a statement released through auction house Sotheby's Australia: ''Divorce has its way of making you really examine the things that are essential in life - and the things that are not. Through the process I had a look around and realised I had a lot of stuff. Career stuff, stuff I've collected, and stuff in general. Boxes and boxes of stuff ... so in the spirit of moving forward into fresh air, here's a portion of that collection of stuff.''

Crowe - who married Danielle in 2003 - will also be including diamond rings, watches, guitars, movie memorabilia, and fine art into the lot, as well as two motorcycles and a 2001 Mercedes which has been valued between $15,000 and $25,000.

The auction is set to take place in Sydney, Australia, on April 7, on what would have been Crowe and Spencer's 15th wedding anniversary.

As of the time of writing, it is unknown whether or not Crowe intends to give the proceeds of his auction to charity.