Ryan Gosling felt he didn't have any right to complain on the set of 'First Man'.

The 37-year-old actor - who stars as Neil Armstrong in the biographical drama - has admitted he was loathed to protest any problems he encountered on the set of the movie because the shoot was also attended by former astronauts who'd put themselves through the real-life drama of a space mission.

Ryan told GQ magazine: ''There was always somebody on set that either had direct experience with the missions we were shooting or was indirectly related to it, and I think they were strategically there because it made it impossible to complain about whatever your trivial discomfort was in relation to what they had actually experienced.''

One sequence for the movie was shot using a multi-axis trainer, which is used to prepare astronauts for the challenges they may face while in space.

Although Ryan is reluctant to moan too much, he didn't enjoy the experience of shooting that particular sequence.

He jokingly confessed: ''Yeah, I don't remember much from that entire time...''

Meanwhile, Ryan previously admitted to feeling a bit anxious about saying Armstrong's iconic line, about taking a ''giant leap for mankind'', in 'First Man'.

He said: ''I was worried about it. It hung over me as it is the most famous line, and a beautiful thing to say.

''Neil didn't think about it ahead of time, so I tried not to think about it too much.''

Ryan also admitted to feeling under extra pressure after he met with members of Armstrong's family.

He explained: ''Neil's sons wanted all the stories and context to shed new light on their father.

''It was the greatest challenge I have been part of and it was the biggest relief that, after they saw the film, they said, 'All our lives we have been asked what it is like to be the sons of the first man on the moon. Now we can say: go and see the film.'''