Sacha Baron Cohen has gone to ''extreme'' lengths not to be recognised.

The 47-year-old actor is known for his bold characters - including Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev and dictator Admiral General Aladeen - and his mockumentaries often rely on his ability to go undercover as he meets ordinary people.

He admitted that filming 'Who Is America?' made him realise he ''had to do more extreme stuff'' as people started to recognise his face, so he turned to makeup and special effects designer Tony Gardner.

Speaking to Don Cheadle for Variety's Actors on Actors, he added: ''I went to him: 'Do you think you could create prosthetics good enough that they would exist in the real world? Because I can't be touched for three hours.''

But the 'Bruno' star admitted he never wanted to take his looks ''too far'', and explained he has also always wanted to avoid harming anyone while doing his best to see their ''real thoughts''.

He said: ''I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I want to see people's real thoughts. I'm provoking them sometimes to see the effect of this new political culture that we're in.''

Meanwhile, Sacha's wife Isla Fisher, 43, previously revealed she finds her husband - with whom she has three children - sexy even when he's dressed as Borat.

The actress previously played a game of 'Smash or Pass' with host Busy Philipps during which she gave the 'Wedding Crashers' star the choice to bed or snub Sacha as certain characters.

When shown a photo of Sacha as Kazakh reporter Borat in his infamous luminous green mankini, Isla exclaimed: ''I love Borat, I find the handlebar moustache really cute!''

She was then asked to give her verdict on him as rap fan and interviewer Ali G, prompting the reply: ''I've got the biggest boner, that's my hall pass right there.''

'The Dictator' character Admiral General Aladeen, also prompted a positive response with Isla saying: ''Yes, he's so cute, I really fancied him! I think he's so cute. I was on set for that, I love that character.''