Sacha Baron Cohen is to star in a new movie as former BHS owner Sir Philip Green.

The 45-year-old actor has reportedly landed the lead role for the forthcoming comedy called 'Greed', which is a ''satirical take on the world of the super-rich'' about ''the lavish lifestyles of the elite, perma-tanned billionaire businessmen who shamelessly invest money into offshore tax havens''.

Sir Philip was disgraced last year when the department store went into administration with 11,000 workers losing their jobs and pensions.

The 'Brothers Grimsby' star - who has three children with his wife Isla Fisher - has had to have a complete transformation for the role including having his dark tresses turned into Sir Philip's ''balding grey hair''.

The importance of his appearance is so that no one will recognise him.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: ''Sacha will have an almost uncanny resemblance to Sir Philip and those close to the producers believes it's more than a nod to him.

''He'll look more portly, with balding grey hair which is left long at the back.

''The transformation will mean nobody will realise it's Sacha, meaning he'll be able to get up to his old tricks again.''

The film is being directed by British filmmaker Michael Winterbotton.