Sacha Baron Cohen is set to star in a 'Klown' remake.

The 45-year-old actor has signed up to star in the English-language remake of the 2010 Danish comedy, after the project went to the American Film Market (AFM) earlier this week.

'Klown' follows the story of a man named Frank and his best friend Casper, two slackers who rather have fun than do any actual work. However, when Frank's girlfriend falls pregnant, he feels determined to prove to her that he can indeed father a child and face responsibility. In order to prove himself, Frank decides to 'kidnap' his girlfriend's 12-year-old nephew and take him on a weekend canoe trip with Casper, exposing him to things no child should see in the process.

The original - directed by Mikkel Norgaard - was a local box office hit, and serves as the highest-grossing local film in Danish history.

'Klown' also housed a less successful sequel in which the two friends headed to Los Angeles, and included a supporting cast featuring Isla Fisher, Sacha's wife.

Annapurna Pictures have been successful in securing the rights to the project and will head up the sales department after having won a heated bidding war at the AFM.

Sacha Baron Cohen will also produce the project - under his Four By Two production company with Todd Schulman - alongside Annapurna's Megan Ellison, and Scott Stuber.

Stephen Feder will oversee the production for Annapurna, whilst Nicholas Hatton will do the same for Four By Two Films.

Sacha was last seen on screens in 'Alice Through The Looking Glass', and despite having projects in development, he has nothing else upcoming.