Sam Shepard, the 67-year-old American actor now living on a horse ranch in Kentucky, stars as Butch Cassidy in the new South American western movie 'Blackthorn'. The film imagines the classic cowboy had he lived into old age in Bolivia, reports the Associated Press.
The movie, directed by Mateo Gil, was originally released on iTunes but hits theatres in the U.S. from Friday (7th October 2011). It tells the story of Cassidy (living under the name James Blackthorn), as he returns to the U.S. to live out the rest of his life. However, the cowboy runs into a criminal who has stolen $50,000 and decides on one last adventure. Shepard claims Cassidy's exile is similar to his own, and now only returns to New York for his work, saying, "I've come and gone from this town so much, going back to '63.It's not the place I choose to live. It's the place I choose to work". A celebrated playwright, actor and director Shepard is still best known for his portrayal of pilot Chuck Yeager in 'The Right Stuff', which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1979 for his play Buried Child.
In 2010, Shepard starred opposite Sean Penn and Naomi Watts in the biographical drama 'Fair Game', based on Valerie Plame's memoir 'Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House'.