Sam Smith ate ''moving'' octopus.

The 26-year-old singer tucked into what appeared to be traditional Korean dish San-nakji - sashimi which is so fresh, the dead tentacles are still squirming when it is served - while in Gwangjang Market while touring in Seoul and found the unusual dish ''really tasty''.

The 'Too Good at Goodbyes' hitmaker posted a video of himself which showed him sat in the heaving market tasting the traditional dish, struggling to pick up the food but eventually seeming to enjoy it.

In the video, he said: ''It's really hard; it's really difficult because it's moving...That's really good''

''That's really f***ing tasty you know''.

The star captioned the video: ''Gwangjang Market. Best part of my job is the music and the shows, second best part is getting to try all these mad and different foods.

''What an amazing day. P.S. this was genuinely nice, wasn't just saying it x'' (sic)

The octopus is bought live by the diner before being chopped up and served raw on a plate - meaning the tentacles continue to wriggle about for a long time, despite being detached from the octopus' body.

The 'Stay With Me' singer was flooded with comments from Twitter users who couldn't believe the musician had sampled the dish.

One user wrote: ''OMG Sam it's moving! Your so brave I would never try that! Amazing that you did though. Hope you're having a good time in Soul!!'' (sic)

Another said: ''Oh Sam .... you know how I love all you do .... but no I shall not be following your example in food choices'' (sic)

Sam also tweeted a picture of himself sat in his dressing room holding a Buchaechum - a traditional Korean fan.

He captioned the photo: '' SEOUL, YOU READY?'' (sic)