Samuel L. Jackson thinks Marvel's stories are ''more intricate'' now than they were 10 years ago.

The 70-year-old actor has portrayed Nick Fury for over a decade and admits there are big differences between shooting a movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe now and before.

He said: ''Well, the technology's changed a lot. The Marvel playbook is way more refined than it used to be. The stories are becoming more intricate. There are moments of - this movie is a real game changer in an interesting sort of way because there are things that happen in this movie that don't necessarily happen in other kinds of films. I mean, we have moments of drama and worry and all those other things.''

And Jackson loves the bond between Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau in the 'Captain Marvel' movies.

Speaking to, he added: ''But in this particular film, you find the confidence of a failure and a recovery. You find a sensitive nature of camaraderie and friendship between two people that we haven't normally had ... Interestingly enough, you know, when you start talking about two characters that love each other, she and Ms. Rambeau, her flying partner, who went through flight school together, their relationship is intimate, in a way. That when they have conversations, the rest of the movie kind of falls away and it's not really, you know, you can lose the fact that, okay, she's got superpowers and there's stuff going on and there's aliens and all of this. They have a really personal conversation that is about real human loss and pain and all those things that you know, we only see in serious movies. And when they have them, you accept it. And it's part of the fabric that makes the film work, so that when that's done and her daughter comes in and she's there with them, you see that that's a unit.''