Sandra Bullock thinks streaming has changed the movie industry for the better.

The 54-year-old actress stars in Netflix's acclaimed thriller 'Bird Box' and she thinks that ''streaming has elevated the bar'' in terms of opportunities for actors and allowed more work for ''women and people of colour''.

In an interview with The I Paper, she said: ''Cinema is not going anywhere, streaming has elevated the bar. Before, if you were a superhero, you were able to get a movie made; anything else was not getting made. Now, with streaming, we have all kinds of work available. The movie business is changing, and providing so many more opportunities for women and for people of colour.''

The 'Ocean's 8' star went on to explain that she feels the industry is changing in all ways and said she saw a notable difference in attitudes towards women before and after filming the all-female heist flick.

She said: ''We started that film before #MeToo and we ended it during. I saw a noticeable difference.''

Despite changing attitudes, the 'Proposal' actress also noticed a difference while filming 'Bird Box' due to the presence of a female director, Susanne Bier.

She explained: ''Because the boss was a woman, I did see a lot of fear in our crew members. The men were walking on eggshells so I said 'Guys you're allowed to joke I'll tell you when you've gone too far.'''

The spine-chilling drama follows a pregnant woman in a dystopian future, where people are forced to wear blindfolds to avoid witnessing their biggest fears, and Sandra has shared the thing she fears the most.

She confessed: ''It's something happening to my kids. Becoming a mother has made me much more fearful.''