Actor Scoot McNairy received a scolding from film executives on the set of his new crime thriller Killing Them Softly after racing off with his co-star Brad Pitt for a joyride.

MCNairy reveals he took the car his character drives in the movie out for a spin one day and Pitt came along for the ride - but he was promptly reminded that the impromptu outing could have put the Hollywood superstar's life in serious danger.

He tells, "I peeled out (sped away) with Brad in it. They were like, 'Hey, Scoot, you got to understand, you got a $20 million actor in the car. Don't ever do that again.'"

But MCNairy insists Pitt didn't mind one bit: "He was loving it... He's a guy's guy. When you look up in the dictionary the word guy, you see a picture of Brad. He's just super cool, super chill, super normal and super down-to-earth."