While many acts scrapped gigs in Europe following the slayings at an Eagles of Death Metal concert, Ian and Slayer leader Kerry King chose to play on.

"Of course my initial thought when we heard what was happening was, 'I wanna go home to my family", but right along with that thought was, 'I'm not stopping what I'm doing because of this'," he tells the Metal Hammer Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio.

"If promoters say it's not safe for you to play or venues say they can't have gatherings of people, then we have no choice. But if I can play a show, I'm gonna go play a show.

"This is what we do, this is what Slayer do. I talked with Kerry about it and I said, 'Was there ever any thought...?' And he goes, 'F**k no.' And that's how Anthrax felt."

"This is the world we live in now," Ian adds. "It's a new kind of war, a war you can't fight. It's not a geographical war. You can't fight this war other than through dialogue, but how can you start a dialogue with an organisation that don't (sic) even value their own lives?"

Anthrax and Slayer's European dates come to an end in Russia next week (09Dec15).