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The Frozen Ground Trailer

Jack Halcombe is an Alaskan State Trooper who determinedly sets out to find a serial killer after several bodies of young girls show up apparently murdered. When he discovers a frightened young girl hiding away bound with handcuffs, he realises that she is their key to finding the killer being the only one to have managed to escape from his clutches. However, her information is in doubt given the fact that she is a prostitute and refused a polygraph. When he does find the suspect, it is Robert Hansen; an experience hunter and a bakery worker whose respected status leads many investigators to cross him off their list. Halcombe is unwavering in his suspicions, however, and sets out to gather solid evidence that Hansen is their man.

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The Frozen Ground Review


Even though this crime thriller is based on a true story, it never feels remotely believable. The problem is that writer-director Walker tries far too hard to force the real events into a standard movie structure, which leaves gaping plot holes everywhere we look. Still, it's a solidly made film, with a snappy pace, strong performances and beefy direction that holds our attention.

It's set in 1983 Anchorage, Alaska, where the cops struggle to believe the story told to them by 17-year-old prostitute Cindy (Hudgens): she claims to have been kidnapped, tortured and raped, barely escaping with her life, and she identifies upstanding citizen Robert (Cusack) as her would-be killer. With the police refusing to follow up on her statement, State Trooper Jack (Cage) looks into it and discovers similarities in the cases of several other missing girls. And even though his out-of-hours investigation strains his marriage to Allie (Mitchell), he is doggedly determined to find the proof that will put Robert behind bars.

Right at the beginning we have a nagging question that's never answered: why do the police discount the victim's account, especially as it's accompanied by physical evidence? And the screenplay brushes past other big issues along the way, making us think that this might be the most inept police squad in the world. Although we never doubt for a second that Jack will crack the case, even though the script continually throws in random movie cliches from the characters' pasts in an attempt to ramp up the emotional stakes. It also randomly places Cindy in the middle of an under-developed war between two pimps (Jackson and Henke).

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Out Now: US Album Releases - Ke$ha, Paloma Faith, Wiz Khalifa, Scott Walker

Kesha Paloma Faith Wiz Khalifa Rihanna Scott Walker

So, Rihanna finally bumped Taylor Swift from the top of the US album charts, with the aptly-titled Unapologetic. Could it be that Ke$ha does the same to her Barbadian pop rival, with the release of Warrior, her second studio album?

The 25 year-old Californian has never been afraid of raising a few eyebrows and Warrior sees no change in her artistic determination. reviewed the album describing it as “never dull, always fun and frequently a thrillingly unpredictable ride,” with All Music Guide backing up that theory, calling it a “wall-to-wall party for the freaks, burnouts, outcasts and misfits and if you don’t get it that’s your fault and not hers.” Strong words indeed and certainly a more passionate critical response than Rihanna received for Unapologetic.

Rhi-Rhi’s certainly got more celebrity pull than Ke$ha, but if the public latch on to the enthusiastic response to Warrior, could we see another upset at the top of the charts next week? Her last album, 2010’s Animal, was a US number one so we see no reason why the exuberant club queen shouldn’t be up there again this time next week.

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A Week In Music Featuring: Coldplay, ELO, Hot Chip, Hot Chip And Much More!

Coldplay Rihanna Chris Martin Elo Jeff Lynne Placebo Swans Scott Walker Foals Hot Chip Peter Serafinowicz Atlas Genius Death Cab For Cutie Dutch Uncles Rolling Stones Florence Welch Mary J Blige Mick Jagger Psy Justin Bieber

Coldplay Live 2012

Coldplay live CD/DVD Cover

Albums of Note... Coldplay’s Live 2012 album shows a band far more at ease with themselves than their previous live release, from 2003. The Live 2012 package includes both blu-ray and CD. The footage is punctuated by behind-the-scenes interludes and these excerpts showcase each band member’s enthusiasm for their live shows as well as revealing how the material from Mylo Xyloto evolved over time and culminated with them band playing to a vast stadium audiences across the globe. “Live 2012 includes some nice musical moments... the low-key piano intro to 'Yellow', a guest appearance from Rihanna during 'Princess Of China', and the stripped back intimacy of 'Us Against The World'. All of the other elements of big choruses and sing-along's spanning the entire Coldplay back catalogue are present and correct… and Chris Martin's voice seems to have found a renewed strength to cope with the massive venues the band now fills.”

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Scott Walker: 30 Century Man Review

Early into Stephen Kijak's fascinating documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, the obscure crooner talks about his tragic attempts at cinephilia in his early days as a musician. Arriving in England and later Scandinavia, the young Walker was excited to talk about Chabrol, Bergman, and Carl Th. Dreyer but found that Europeans only wanted to talk about Woody Allen. It's a funny bit of history, especially coming from an on-camera Walker, a nomadic performer who notoriously shuns the spotlight and is a famous perfectionist when it comes to his once-in-a-blue-moon records. His songs are themselves cinematic, and Walker name-checks many kitchen-sink dramatists, including Terry Thomas, as inspirations for his early work.

Forever hidden from the world behind a pair of starless-night-black sunglasses and a pulled-down baseball cap, it turns out that Scott Walker looks quite ordinary once you get him to come out from behind the curtain. As a shot of musical nostalgia, 30 Century Man is double barreled: Part chronicled life, part big-name appreciative ceremony. The likes of Brian Eno, David Bowie, Radiohead, and Johnny Marr of The Smiths come out to voice their devotion to Walker, many of them talking about and reacting to their favorite Walker tracks. Sting reacting to "It's Raining Today" is a trip, but Bowie, who serves as executive producer here, talking about how he dated one of Walker's exes, is blissful. Transposed from America to England and then back again, Walker is the death's head moth to Brian Wilson's fluttering, buoyant monarch -- likening himself to Orson Welles or, just maybe, Jacques Brel. Fittingly obsessed with Beckett and Francis Bacon, he spent most of the '70s in obscurity, releasing uninspired cover records that cheapened his immense talent.

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The Muppet Movie Review

Like most movies of its year, The Muppet Movie looks (and is) really dated. But it's worth it to willingly suspend disbelief at how dated it is --- to appreciate the good-natured humor and comedic flair of Jim Henson. Henson tried to entertain both kids and adults, and though both audiences were probably easier to please in the days before all comedy became irony-soaked, Henson was one of the first to add sly postmodern touches. And while the movie promotes the annoying myth of Hollywood as the dream factory, magic store, etc. it more than makes up for it by borrowing comedians from several generations, from then-new comics like Steve Martin and Elliott Gould to veterans like Bob Hope and Orson Welles(!), for an endless string of cameo appearances.

The plot loosely follows the odyssey of Kermit the Frog from his swamp home to Hollywood in search of celebrity. The desirability of fame and stardom is never questioned. The Hollywood worship becomes pretty maudlin at the end, thanks mainly to songwriter Paul Williams, whose songs are palatable at first ("Rainbow Connection" was a hit) but become too much before the end of the movie.

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The Frozen Ground Trailer

The Frozen Ground Trailer

Jack Halcombe is an Alaskan State Trooper who determinedly sets out to find a serial...

The Frozen Ground Movie Review

The Frozen Ground Movie Review

Even though this crime thriller is based on a true story, it never feels remotely...

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