You thought Gary Carr was the first black actor to be making an appearance in Downton Abbey? Think again, fools! There’s another man who has leapt into the ground-breaking role, and it’s none other than P Diddy himself!

The rapper recently told fans on his Twitter that he’s a huge fan of the period drama and started hinting recently that he could be making a surprise turn on it! "How many of y'all out there are Downton Abbey fans?" he wrote on the social networking site, adding "I'm going to be making a big announcement in the next hour-im excited for yall to hear!" He then wrote: "I have to admit that Downton Abbey is one of my favorite shows- and thats why Im so excited today @DowntonAbbey".

Now before you all get excited, it’s of course all a spoof – yes, P Diddy may well be a fan of Downton Abbey, but surely there’s no way he’d ever appear on it. What he has done though is provide some comedy gold in the form of a hilarious spoof of himself appearing as the new Lord of the manor. Cleverly enough, he’s superimposed himself into some old Downton Abbey scenes and goes about his business in an amusing fashion, including hosting the world’s first ever ‘white party,’ and appearing in the trenches during the war. Have a look below – it’s genius.