When the news broke that P-Diddy was going to appear in Downton Abbey, only for it to be revealed as a joke, fans of the series will have breathed a sigh of relief: this is their serious period drama, and they don’t want a popular rapper in there messing about!

Sean Combs P DiddyCan you imagine this guy in Downton? We want to see it

But consider this: would P-Diddy be a welcome addition to the Downton scene? This is what the popular show’s creator, Julian Fellowes is currently mulling over in his writer head. “I’d never says never, though I imagine he’d steal the scene, even if it was a small part,” Lord Fellowes said at the Life After Stroke Awards, at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair, according to the Telegraph.

Julian FellowesJulian Fellowes and Rob James-Collier

Downton Diddy – the video that followed Diddy’s announcement that he loved the show and would be appearing on it – proved popular with Fellowes. “I loved that, I thought it was fabulous,” he says. “I absolutely adored it, but I just couldn’t see how he could have done it.”

Sean Combs P DiddyMr Combs is a big fan of Downton

Downton is loved because of the timeframe in which it operates. But it does raise issues about race and racial issues. Fellowes has cast Gary Carr as the show’s first black character, a jazz singer, to appear in the next series, but the lack of black characters is a quandary for both audiences and producers alike.