Just over an hour ago TMZ reported that Sean Combs, AKA P-Diddy, was injured in a car accident in L.A. As of yet, it is unclear as to whether Diddy was badly injured in the incident. Although helicopters arrived at the scene, no one was taken away in an ambulance and Diddy was seen walking away. 

According to a law enforcement officer, Diddy, his driver and the driver of the other vehicle complained of pain, but apparently there were no citations delivered. The incident occurred right outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, where employees rushed out to help, according to the Chron. Diddy also, at one point, lay down on the grass in front of the hotel, but got up again shortly later. The SUV that Diddy's Lexus ploughed into attempted to make a turn, but cut the Lexus off. It is unclear as to whom is responsible for the crash, depending on whether Diddy's driver pulled out into the road early or not. 

Diddy is currently still in the process of attempting to get his music TV channel 'Revolt' on the air with Comcast. Though it was reported to be live late this year, still no date has been set.