There was almost tragedy for the rapper P Diddy after a serious car accident in the USA yesterday that could’ve left him for dead. X17online carried the news that the accident occurred outside a Beverly Hills hotel, where the MC and music mogul was apparently arriving to stay. All of a sudden, his luxury chauffeured Cadillac Escalade found a Lexus RX SUV pull out in front of it , the result being a somewhat jarring looking smash up.

Hotel staff dashed out to help Diddy, who was with his driver and an additional second passenger, whilst those in the Lexus were also helped out. Pictures from the incident show Diddy lying down on the grass, clearly shell shocked at the incident. As well he might, it really could’ve been a pretty nasty one; the front of the SUV is totally smashed up in pictures posted on the X17 site.

As yet there are few details beyond the accident itself; there has been no word in who was at the fault for the incident and no arrests have been said to have been made. Diddy has apparently avoided serious injury, which will be a relief for a man whose business acumen and hard work has seen him become one of the richest men in the hip hop game.