P Diddy was involved in a pretty serious looking car accident outside the Beverly Hills hotel on Wednesday evening (October 24, 2012). The rap mogul was arriving at the luxury residence when his chauffeured Cadillac Escalade collided with a Lexus RX.

 In photographs provided by X17.com, Diddy is seen crumpled in a heap on the grassy verge, appearing to be in some distress. Eyewitnesses say Diddy and a second passenger remained sprawled on the lawn until hotel staff escorted them through the lobby. An ambulance eventually arrived at the scene, though it’s unclear whether the rapper sustained any serious injuries. Police sources say everyone involved in the accident complained of pain, including Diddy, his driver and the other driver. A report was taken at the scene, though no citations were issued.

It appears P Diddy’s accident occurred shortly after he arrived in Los Angeles from New York, where he had posted an Instragram photo on Twitter with the caption “Retweet if you like my view.” The overhead image showed Central Park and the statue in Columbus circle.