Last night, Puff Daddy aka P-Diddy aka Diddy aka Sean Combs was involved in a car crash outside The Beverly Hills Hotel, in Beverly Hills. 

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino who gave a little information about the uncharacteristically tame incident for the rapper. According to Hoshino, Dids was a passenger in a Cadillac Escalade on Sunset Boulevard where a Lexus Sedan cut across the Cadillac, at which point the vehicles collided. 

TMZ posted videos of the bashed-up Escalade and Diddy lying on the grass. However, although he complained of pain, he bypassed the offer of a lift to the hospital and said he would seek his own medical treatment. While used to wild parties with thousands of attendees or being arrested on firearms charges, a tiny little bump will barely raise the heart-rate of Mr Combs. 

Founder of Big Boy Records, P-Diddy began his career as a producer for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Boys II Men and Usher. He found fame with the single 'Can't Nobody Hold Me Down' and the subsequent album 'No Way Out', which has been followed by 5 more commercially successful albums, as well as his vastly successful clothing line Sean John.