Movie tough guy Sean Penn has blasted actors who endorse products for not being true to their profession.

Penn, who's nominated for a Best Actor OSCAR this Sunday (29FEB04) for his performance in Mystic River, believes actors should focus solely on the profession of making movies, instead of finding ways to make as much money as possible.

The 43-year-old says, "I'm not happy that most actors are doing fashion shows and commercials for lipstick.

"It's harder to find actors who are studying their craft today. They're distracted by the same thing that distracts everyone: what's valuable? Well, if your legitimacy as an actor is being on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT six nights a week, good luck to you.

"To me, your number one responsibility is to protect what your talent is and make it grow, and it frustrates me when talented people throw it away.

"All power to anyone who has bills to pay, but, you know, maybe it's time to reduce the square footage of your house."

29/02/2004 10:10