Sean Penn reportedly played peacemaker when two passengers confronted him on a Delta Airlines flight.

The Hollywood star is said to have been flying with his daughter Dylan, 26, from Los Angeles to New York City, and the incident occurred as the pair were putting away their luggage in the overhead racks after boarding the plane.

According to website TMZ, Sean was approached in a ''very aggressive and rude manner'' by two men who wanted him to move his bags from the compartment.

The report adds that the 56-year-old actor remained calm during the row, and alerted the on flight crew to what had been going on.

To reward him for his attempts to refuse the situation, it's said the decision was made to bump the actor and his daughter up from their seats in economy, and move both of them into first class.

Sean won't be filing an official complaint, and there was no further incident on the flight.

The report comes just days after he was spotted in New York City with his ex-wife Robin Wright, while they were there with Dylan to visit their son Hopper, 23, while he films his first lead role in a film called 'Puppy Love'.

An insider told E! News: ''Sean and Robin are good friends, they've always been friends and that hasn't changed. Look, they have kids together, they actively co-parent their kids but also go to each other's birthday parties and support each other. It's always been that way.''

The source added: ''This time they were in New York visiting Hopper. He's been filming a movie up in Canada and he just wrapped filming in NYC. It's his first lead role, it's a big part for him!''