Actor Seann William Scott is often mistaken for Andy Roddick - and even impersonated the tennis ace to avoid disappointing a group of fans.
The American Pie star stayed in the same Spanish hotel as the athlete recently, and he fooled onlookers into thinking he was Roddick.
During a webchat with Britain's The Sun, he says, "I have gotten that before. I was in Seville and I didn't know that he was staying at the same hotel and I love the guy - I don't know him but I think he's a great tennis player - I had a big group of people, (shouting) 'Andy Roddick, Andy Roddick' coming up to me.
"I was so blown away they weren't calling me (American Pie character) Stifler I'm like, 'I'm gonna ride this Andy Roddick thing for a while', sign Andy Roddick's name for like an hour!"