Seann William Scott has ideas for a Stifler spin-off movie.

The 40-year-old actor starred as foul-mouthed party boy Steve Stifler in the hit comedy 'American Pie' and the subsequent sequels with a highlight of his story arch being his rivalry with Paul Finch [Eddie Kaye Thomas] - who ended up losing his virginity to 'Stifler's Mom'.

Scott's last appearance as his alter ego came in 2012's 'American Reunion' but the star believes a movie showing Stifler in his 40s still acting in the same irresponsible way would make for a great comic film.

Speaking to Forbes, he said: ''With these franchises you never know, you never can tell. It would be pretty funny to see Stifler in his 40s, still being the exact same guy, it could be hilarious. I've had some ideas but I don't know. Truthfully, I feel like Stifler did get his perfect revenge by sleeping with Finch's mum but it could still be really funny to see Stifler as this sad, male stripper just dancing for dollar bills.''

The massive success of the first film - which was released in 1999 - resulted in three direct sequels and four spin-offs and was responsible for a string of other teen-focused comedies such as 'Road Trip', which also starred Scott.

Scott credits the 'American Pie' films for making him a global star and he will forever grateful for Stifler.

He said: ''To be honest, not since the 'American Pie' films have I done a movie where still, to this day, have people always coming up to me and wanting to talk about it.''

Scott is currently starring in another sequel to one of his popular movies 'Goon' and hopes that if fans respond well to 'Goon: Last of the Enforcers' it could lead to the return of Stifler.

He said: ''Hopefully, people will respond to it and then I'll do another 'American Pie' movie.''