Secret Garden Party 2014 Announce More Acts Including Submotion Orchestra, Will Varley And More

Secret Garden Party 2014 Announce More Acts Including Submotion Orchestra, Will Varley And More

Well spring has truly sprung and the promise of things to come is held in every bud. In the words of Molesworth, "hello birds, hello sky." 

Here in the Garden HQ/shed we have our own seedlings planted ready for summer; all for your perusal. Joining an already chocca line-up is a plethora of electronic talent, who come simply (and only), for the sheer joy of playing to one of the UKs best audiences.. hats off to them for doing so, and hats off to you all for making it worth their while.

As is rapidly becoming traditional, there is a new mix for you all to download and such. So, in the spirit of the impending summer, we thought we would offer a pair of tickets to the first person to guess all 7 different musician's vocal samples scattered throughout the 90minutes.

24-hour Fun & Games at the Jackdaw Pub...
This year we celebrate the coming of our new 24 open-all-hours pub, hosted by our very own Diamond Dogs. Equipped with an Ace up their sleeves and a pool cue behind their back, these dogs will host a spectrum of classic back bar games, pool tournaments, illicit poker matches . but be warned, they've been known to start a bar brawl or two.

Also, calling the numbers are world-renowned Rebel Bingo, a sultry blues opera, a live band jukebox and battling Grand Pianos for the sing-a-long of the summer. Speed mating is being discussed but we can't decide if it's the best idea we've ever had or if it's just disgusting.

The Village Hall...
Ever wondered where at SGP you can get married, be a model in a fashion show, get arrested, learn some street-Morris dancing, watch a real dog show, become a life-model, learn to knit in the nude, practice speed mediation and get your karma cleansed by the notorious Captain Lavender in one afternoon? Down at the bottom of the garden, with all the birds and the bee's you'll find The Village Hall.

The Games Arena...
From the pure quintessentially English to the damn right absurd, Let the Games begin . From the Pig Labowski's lounge, the shots are called for the return of The Pig Tossing World Cup 2014, followed by an Emu & Ostrich Polo Match, after a bout of HipHop Vs GlitchHop Scotch & some Disco Diva Dodgeball, The Midnight Ultimate Frisbee Match beginith ... Day time Croquet with cucumber sandwiches and tea - rather.

A short distance away the Fools on the Hill, begin their Wonky Races, down a Slip n Slide, like a rolling stone, around the craziest course and haircuts since Pat Sharpe and the 80's.

The not-the-Tour de France - Yellowbric Artbike Rally...
Arrive at The Party in ultimate style on your very own art bike, or simply in costume. It's an easy 30-mile cycle along some of Cambridge's dedicated cycle ways to arrive in time for sun-downers in the Garden. Tour de France - pah! C'est une culotte. This is much more fun. All you need is your own bike and some fancy dress. All proceeds will go to the educational charity Yellobric, who will also be cycling from London to the start of the rally to raise awareness. You are very welcome to join them.

There will be an overwhelming sense of wellbeing, safe in the knowledge that you're not only having a great time, but you're doing something worthwhile and sustainable too. And what a sight to behold when you arrive en masse in the Garden.

More music in the Garden...
Submotion Orchestra
Dense & Pika
We Have Band
Kate Boy
Kimberly Anne
Ezra Vine
As Elephants Are
The Urban Voodoo Machine
Sebastian Leger
Brushy One String
The Struts
The Fontanas
Carnival Collective
Future Dub Orchstra
Eddy Temple Morris
Mojo Filter
Fragile Souls
All About Tobe
Danny And The Swampmen
Trojan Vinyl Explosionemily & The Woods
Sam Brookes
Hot Feet
Coco & The Butterfields
The Intermission Project
Gerard & The Watchmen
Elliott Morris
Joe Summers
Freya Roy
John Blood
James Brute
Oliver Daldry
Jennifer Left
The Inexplicables
Daisy & The Dark
The Crosstown Trio
Lily & Meg
Mozzy Green
Clutching At Straws
Emily Burns
Jack Wallen
Charlotte Carpenter
Tony Shelvin
Tom Heath
Tom Dibb
Nathan James King
Alice Walker
Will Varley
From The Sticks

And some very exciting take-overs in our dance arenas...
Avant Garde, presents for the first time in the UK; Wisdom of the Glove, a club night take-over where the glitterati of Studio 21 collides with the freaky oddballs of the underground for a whole lot of dance weirdness. Direct from Ibiza, this is a UK first & exclusive from ringmaster Guy Gerber featuring...

Guy Gerber
Konrad Black

Wall of Sound Records will be celebrating their 20 year fanniversary with a thursday night take-over in our 24 hour bar. Helping them recreate their legendary night HIPPIES USE SIDE DOOR will be Mekon, Killaflaw , Derek Dah Large, West London Deep, Mark Jones & more...

The Drop...
In 2013 they hosted some of the most face-melting secret sets of the weekend; this year we thought we'd give you a sneak preview of what is to come...

Maya Jane Coles
Subb-An (Live)
Ben Pearce
Dense & Pika (Live)
Waifs & Strays
Waze & Odyssey
Adam Shelton
Alex Arnot
Gavin Herlihy
Uone(Cosmic Serpent, Australia)
Jess Lamb
Dax Lee many more

Mythical creatures and magic abound in this legendary hidden venue. Unexpected and unrivalled this is one of the garden's gems not to be missed. Featuring:

Maxxi Soundsystem
No Artificial Colours
Pbr Streetgang
Waifs & Strays
Adam Shelton
Laura Jones
Gavin Herlihy
Lowlife (Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton)
Residents: Itchy Rich, Bobby Pleasure & Charlie MacfarleY many more 

Listen to the Secret Garden Party mix here: