Selena Gomez fancies Leonardo Dicaprio.

The 'Wizards of Waverly Place' actress - who celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday (22.07.10) - admits she has such a crush on the 'Inception' actor, she went to the movies to watch him in action with her mother.

Discussing 'Inception', she said: "Yes! I got it... I did have to ask my mum a couple of times, 'What's going on now? What's he doing? Where is he going?' He's really handsome and talented."

Selena has also praised Hollywood hunks Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner - who she has been romantically linked to in recent months.

She explained on 'Fox and Friends': "I know both of them and think they are both really nice guys," she replied. "I think it's been assumed and it's out there... I know them."

The Disney star recently admitted she also has a penchant for unhealthy food and will even visit Hooters to get her calorific fix.

She explained: "I like Hooters. I went in for fried pickles and curly fries. I'm from Texas. We fry everything. Fried butter, fried Oreos, fried Twix, fried Twinkies..."