The brothers behind Brazilian rock icons SEPULTURA are considering a reunion with their bandmates, almost 10 years after Igor Cavalera quit the group to spend more time with his family.

His departure came a decade after brother Max Cavalera quit the band when his wife was fired as the act's manager in 1996.

But now Igor has revealed he hopes to put the band's classic line-up back together.

He says, "I hope so, but there's nothing solid. The only solid thing right now, it's what I do with Max (Cavalera Conspiracy). The whole Sepultura thing, it's something that we don't know if it's gonna happen or not. To be honest, I really hope one day we can do this in a very cool way."

But first he has to convince guitarist Andreas Kisser, who recently admitted the reunion reports are "a pain in the a**", adding the band's current line-up is upset by "all the pressure of this reunion bulls**t".