The Cavalera Conspiracy star still can't get Germany's shocking 7-1 semi-final defeat out of his head, admitting he had to watch the drama unfold in Europe with two German bus drivers.

He recalls, "They're nice guys, but they're German, and they had the German shirts on. After 20 minutes, they were not even commemorating (the win) anymore. They were just, like, 'Oh, man. This is bad. We feel bad for you, man'. It was kind of a crazy day.

"I got really mad after the game. I wanted to burn my shirt, but it didn't burn. That's weird, right? Maybe it was giving me a sign... Give them another chance. Russia is coming. This is the revenge."

And Cavalera believes the game itself will serve as a lesson for all Brazilian soccer stars, telling, "If I was the Brazilian coach, I would make them watch that game... before they play in the Russian World Cup (in 2018). (They should) watch that as a reminder of never ever let that happen again (sic)."