Seth Rogen says Charlize Theron took control when they filmed their sex scene for 'Long Shot'.

The 36-year-old actor stars in the new romantic-comedy with the 43-year-old actress and says when they shot their love scene together, he let the stunning South African starlet take lead and control the racy proceedings.

Seth appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Thursday night (04.04.19) and said: ''It's a brief love making scene and the joke of the scene is that we both orgasm in a very short amount of time which for me which is very believable, I think!

''And she kept claiming it was possible! And you don't want to bring too much to these arguments. Who am I to tell her (how to do) her thing? Everything you say is your own personal stuff, so it is just only humiliating to suggest anything.

''But I was like maybe I would be on the bottom first in a situation like this... and she was like, 'No! I'm on the bottom I'm on the top, this is how this goes down! And I was just like, 'Whatever the hell you say. I'm sure you know better than I do. I will do what you like!''

'Long Shot' - which is directed by Jonathan Levine - tells the story of how Fred Flarsky (Seth) reunites with his first crush, his former babysitter Charlotte (Charlize), who is running for President.

And while they shared an awkward scene, the 'SuperBad' actor loved working with Charlize and described her as ''unfairly'' being blessed with beauty, talent and a ''cool'' personality.

He said: ''She is objectively lovable! She is cool and she is beautiful and she is outrageously talented, far more talented than I am. And it seems like she has been given an unfair amount of attributes, but that is what happens sometimes I guess.''