The 60-year-old star will be seen on British TV screens this Christmas in TV movie The Witness for the Prosecution, while she will be spending the holidays in Canada, where her family moved when she was three months old.

The actress will be hosting her 87-year-old mother, her two sisters and her brother, along with her nieces, nephews and friends, at her house in Vancouver Island, where she will cook a holiday feast.

While she admits to desiring children back in the '80s, the three times married actress says that later on it wasn't a part of the plan, but that doesn't stop her from having maternal tendencies.

"It's been a really interesting point of getting older. I didn't anticipate not to have children, it wasn't part of the plan. It just sort of happened and evolved that way," she told British Daily Mirror newspaper. "And I found myself surrounded by a lot of artists, actors and musicians who made similar decisions. We've created our own community, as well as embracing our friends' children.

"Just because we don't have children, it doesn't mean that we don't have maternal instincts. The family that I've chosen are my friends."

The actress revealed she wanted to have children when she was married to my second husband, Andre J. Lyson, but her doctor told her she would have to undergo IVF treatment, which was still in its infancy."

"I went to my doctor and he told me that it could happen but I would have to accept that I would become something of a science experiment. It was the very early days of IVF," she explained. "But I didn't want to become a science experiment. I thought that if I felt like that, then I didn't want a baby enough. And so I accepted that it wasn't going to be the path for me and I made peace with it."

Kim is best known for her role as sexually adventurous Samantha Jones in Sex And The City. Since then she has moved between theatre and TV roles. Fans would love to see her return for another Sex and the City outing, but she shutdown any talk of a return to the beloved character.

"It's not what I'm attracted to. It's fun but it's not the story I want to tell with the time that I have left," she explained.