Producers behind Sex And The City's 1980s-based prequel The Carrie Diaries decided against using footage of the Twin Towers to avoid upsetting viewers.

The upcoming Tv series focuses on a high-school version of the show's main character Carrie Bradshaw in 1980s New York, and bosses have used stock shots of the city in the era to make it as realistic as possible.

However, they decided against including images of the doomed towers to avoid recalling painful memories of 9/11.

Executive producer Amy B. Harris tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We try to use stock footage when we're using footage of the city that is period correct. In the pilot we used a lot of 1980s streets and buildings. But when we sat down to talk about it, because we knew this was something that we would have to be thinking about through the season and the series - there were obviously going to be stock footage shots with the Twin Towers in it - how did we want to address it?

"When we sat down, it was a unanimous decision. If we caused one person discomfort or pain, it felt like the wrong choice. We were all in agreement on that.

"I totally wouldn't want it scratched out of movies and Tv shows that (happened) before 9/11, but occasionally when I watch a sitcom that I love and the stock shots that come before the scenes has the Twin Towers, it gives me pause for a minute. If we had a choice, it felt like the more sensitive choice.

"I appreciate that some people may feel that we should show them but I really just feel that we're telling a show about love and coming of age, and it didn't seem like the appropriate place to make that statement."

Actress AnnaSophia Robb takes on the role made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker.