BOYZONE star Shane Lynch broke down in tears yesterday (15APR04) when he was reunited with his former bandmates on live British TV show The Games.

Lynch wiped his eyes as he was congratulated by his singing pals on the reality TV series, which pitches celebrities performing Olympic events against each other.

The occasion marked the first time in five years the LOVE ME FOR A REASON stars have been together.

He says, "I couldn't believe it when I saw the lads, I did cry a moment ago, I thought I was going to lose it there and then but I'm glad I held it together.

"It's amazing just to see them here, I got very emotional, I was blown away. I am so happy, it's a proud moment for me."

Asked about the possibility of reuniting on stage, singer Ronan Keating replied, "This is a reunion! We've got five empty glasses and a bottle of Jack Daniels and believe me, we're going to sing tonight, we will tell you in the morning."

16/04/2004 17:29