Former BOYZONE star Shane Lynch is abstaining from sex - due to his religious convictions.

The former boy band singer, 28, a born-again Christian, has banned his fiancee SHEENA WHITE from his bed until they get married.

Lynch says, "We've been together 14 months but we haven't slept together and won't until Sheena's my wife.

"I want to do what's right - and the BIBLE says no sex before marriage.

"I know a lot of people would look at me and go, 'That's crazy', I probably would have said it myself once. And I admit I do have sexual urges. I'm human after all.

"But if I get urges, I ask GOD for control of it and He gives me that help. Luckily Sheena is a Christian too, so she shares my beliefs.

"It would be difficult if there was me not wanting to have sex and my girlfriend was a woman of the world who did want sex."

25/07/2004 21:37