Shane Lynch launched a foul-mouthed rant at a TV presenter after he played an embarrassing Boyzone video on his show.

Shane and his bandmates - Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham - appeared on Irish chatshow 'The Late Late Show' on Friday (23.11.18), the programme on which they made their TV debut 25 years ago, and Shane was furious when presenter Ryan Tubridy played a cringeworthy clip of them dancing.

When asked by Tubridy, ''What was the story behind that clip?'', Shane - who was late for the live TV interview due to getting stuck in traffic - fumed: ''I'll tell you the story behind that clip, I busted my b******s to get here. Do you see that clip? You can shove it up your f**king h**e.''

When Tubridy tried to defend showing the clip by saying, ''We see it as a bit of fun'', Lynch hit back, saying: ''I don't give a f**k.''

The interviewer then asked Keith if he viewed the notorious clip more fondly than Shane did.

Keith replied: ''We were 16 or 17 years of age, Louis Walsh had literally put us together the night before and said the first thing you're gonna do is go on 'The Late Late Show'. We had all grown up watching it. When you're a teenager like that and you get told that you're going to get the chance to perform on Ireland's most successful TV show, you take it. We were blown away and we were honoured to get the opportunity.''

Meanwhile, the group - who will disband after their upcoming farewell tour and album 'Thank You And Goodnight' - spoke about their late bandmate Stephen Gately, admitting it was hard to continue Boyzone after he passed away suddenly in 2009.

Ronan said: ''When Stephen passed, the band ended as we know it and the cracks started to show. It was very hard to do anything again as a four-piece. That's another reason why it feels right for us to hang up our dancing shoes after 25 years.''

However, Stephen will feature on the new album after a producer unearthed a previously unreleased track that Stephen recorded before he died.

Mikey said: ''When we were recording the album, there was a producer Stephen had worked with who came across an old track he had recorded with him. We stripped the song back and made it into something new on the album so it's great to have Stephen on this final farewell.''

Ronan added: ''It's the last song on the album and it's fitting that Steo has the final say.''