Sharon Osbourne has slammed English people for having ''fugly'' teeth.

The TV presenter - who was born in London - believes a lack of dentists in the country is to blame for the unsightly gnashers of people in England, using the slang term which means ''f***ing ugly''.

Speaking on her chat show 'The Talk', she said: ''There is one dentist and nobody can find the f***er, so everybody in England has fugly teeth.''

The 62-year-old star - who is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne - was speaking just months after one of her teeth fell out during a live TV interview, after heading to a specialist in Los Angeles in a bid to get the perfect smile.

She explained: ''Listen, I am in my 60s and I want the Hollywood smile.

''So I spent a fortune on this guy in Beverly Hills had all these different teeth done and it comes to one tooth and he goes I think this tooth is rotten and I say take the f***er out. Get rid of it.

''So he says, 'Well we have to do an implant,' and I am like, 'Fabulous.' So he does an implant. And I am sat there two weeks later on the show and I can feel grit in my mouth, and I thought, 'What I had I eaten?' And then I realised it was big bits of grit and then the tooth is waggling, and I am like, 'Oh my Lord - right on air.' ''

And in an attempt to repair her flawed grin while on air, she admitted she tried to glue the fang back into place but didn't have much success.

She added: ''I tried to stick it back in with superglue during the commercial break but it wouldn't work.

''As if nobody my age has a tooth that doesn't come out?''